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Farm control SAAS solution for efficient fishfarming

Innovative & intuitive,
starting from 50€/month !

The service aims at tracking and monitoring the activities and performances of farms, and having a forecast upon the production.
It goes through remote, multi-sites, multi-users, multilingual and on-real time reporting and data-consolidation. It provides performance analysis, easy and full traceability for everyone on every device, automatics alerts, checking of the specifications of the retail industry, remote visibility on the feeds stocks etc.

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All customers stay with the service since they started. Of course, they remain free to change if they find a better solution. There is no obligation and you can export your data as you like.





User Experience & User Value First of All !

Our software development is driven by the farmers themselves.

We rely on experts that have decades of experience and can separate the wheat from the chaff with the motto « keep it simple ».

We are proud to say that we manage to respect users demands :
Simplicity : Intuitive and quick data capture to respect contraints of harsh environments.
Fiability : No place for error in the calculations which are well documented, and relevance of the informations through in real time updating process.
Flexibility : The data can be modified (in accordance with the user rights). New features (new data fields, charts and dashboards) are easy to implement.
Verification : Avoid duplicate data entries, compel the filling of specific data fields, alert on inconsistency, explain in case of abnormal results.
Privacy : Some infos are regarded as confidential via a user profile management with customized permissions (passwords, IP filters, digital certificates, user assignments to sites etc.). The data are safe in case of computer theft or hard disc failure ; cloud computing is part of the disaster recovery plan.
Remote access & Reporting : Data from the production sites are consolidated on line. The user can switch site and browse using tabs and time navigation (in the futur with the Previsions as in the past).
In real time monitoring : Data input ensure the real-time data processing : performance monitoring, production reports, reactive steering and dynamic planning. Only one service is used for the production and the sales plan. Cost components can be added in order to enhance controlling.
Administration : All parameters can be customized.

The service can easy adapt to other environments, countries or productions.

The Best Choice to Anticipate For The Future

We designed the first SAAS (software as a service) solution dedicated to continental fishfarming in 2012, initially for European rainbowtrout farmers. The service is daily used since.

Innovation is in our DNA. We innovate continuous to deliver the best service. We achieved during this summer 2018 the coupling with connected sensors and are ready for new IoT experiences and advanced analytics ; currently, end of 2018, we’re working on a new dedicated infrastructure to manage big data. Coupling with other systems like automatic feeders will follow ; video recognition, RFID identification and lots of new features we ‘ll let you discover later are on the list too 🙂

Our users are our best ambassadors ; we’ll give them the floor in our upcoming blog.

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You can ask for a demo and get an access in order to try the service ; it’s absolutely without obligation.
At any time, you can download your data, ask for a complete dump of the database or delete them.
If you like to subscribe, you pay only for the period you subscribe, on a monthly basis.
You can ask us to upload your own data or develop some special reports.

Don’t leave time, you’re just one clic away !


  • Multi-Users
  • 1 site
  • All functionalities except consolidation
  • Up to 50t of fish production/year
  • Plant access
  • The right solution for smaller fish farms to save time, meet the industry requirements, and control the production with a state-of-the-art service.


  • Multi-Users
  • Multi-Sites (+50€/secondary site)
  • All functionalities, consolidation including
  • From 50t of fish production/year
  • Plant access
  • For all farms that like to optimize in an easy way the productivity, improve the profitability, and get a cost-efficient and evolutive solution for the next decades.


Request a quotation
  • Special developments
  • Dedicated production reports
  • Specific couplings
  • The best service that capitalizes on our experience and know-how to develop some private clouds designed for large groups with specific needs.


  • Stocks tracking

  • Movements between ponds/cages

  • Rationing recommendations

  • Feeding registrations

  • Weighings

  • Mortality registration

  • Vet prescriptions registration

  • Site-to-site transfers

  • Coupling with connected sensors

On the way :

  • Coupling with feeding systems

  • Production forecasts

  • Data consolidation

  • Full traceability

  • Performance analysis

  • Tracking sheets

  • Production reports

  • Site plan

  • Broodstock management

  • Waste management



  • Territorial dynamics
  • Economical & community involvment
  • Continuous innovation
  • Environmental commitment

We’re experts. Trust us !

You know your job ! As we know ours !
We are experts in web development and in designing high value service solutions.

We’ve always been involved in technological innovation in several industries (telecommunications, vending machines, geothermal energy, fishing, online banking, ecommerce) ; we now rely on the first SAAS (software as a service) solution dedicated to continental fish-farming that we designed in 2012.

KAMAHU is a young innovative and fully independent company based in Brittany. We are ambitious and want to serve the aquaculture industry by becoming a leader in dedicated SAAS solutions. We work a lot and we try to do it the best way !